Panch Mukhi Rudraksha Mala


Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. The person who wears Rudraksha possess a good health, is respected by all and leads of prosperous life.

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Rudraksha is also known as tears of Lord Shiva. The person donning Rudraksha possess good health, obtains high social standing and leads of prosperous life.

It also protects against negative energies. Atharva Veda and Shiva Puraan mention how Rudraksha helps to get positive energies to your advantage to lead a happy and prosperous life.


  1. Shiva puja is incomplete without Rudraksha mala and helps to get Shiva’s blessings.
  2. It helps to alleviate various lifestyle issues and physical problems
  3. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety in everyday life
  4. Rudraksha is said to balance electromagnetic and spritual powers within the person, hence leading to a calm and balanced life without stress.


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