Mantra Japa

By Siddha Tantriks.

Mantra Japa's


Mantra Japa, means recitation of a mantra, while keeping count of it through a Mala (rosary). Mantras effects a individual by virtue of vibrations generated by it and when done by a Siddha has the power to alter fate of Kala as they say there is nothing beyond the domain of achievement of Mantras.  Broadly there are three Types of Mantra Japa :

  1. Vaikhari Japa is spoken loud enough so that, nearby people can hear it recited.
  2. Upamshu Japa is said quietly, at a whisper. It is said to be one hundred times more effective than Vaikhari japa.
  3. Manasika Japa is recited in the mind. It is said to be one thousand times more effective than Upamshu japa.

The benefits of a mantra varies from the type of mantra, the total count and the ability of the sadhak, from obtaining wealth and prosperity to protection against grave danger including threat to life.

Rest assured that your services would be undertaken by some of the most experienced Siddhas at Baidyanath Dham, Deoghar. In strict accordance of Vedic and Tantric procedures.

Featured Mantra Japa's

Live Sankalp Video

Live Webcast during Puja Sankalp.

Experienced Siddha Tantrik

Performed by experienced Siddhas Vedic/Tantrick.

Live Purnahuti

Purnahuti would be Webcast live.

P.S. Live Webcast services are subject to internet bandwidth availability, in the event of slow internet speed, a recorded video (also a part of the package) would be made available. Please note that Videography is prohibited in the sanctum sanctorum of most temples, hence Video footage of all events other than those performed within the sanctum sanctorum would be provided.

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